Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dear Jane & Black & White BOM

 Last week I was able to get some more Dear Jane blocks completed.
 I needed to fill in the blanks on Row E, as I had chosen some of the simpler ones to sew first. Imagine that!!
 So now Rows A - E are complete, plus some more for a total of 85 blocks! Wahoo!! 
 Remember, these are 4.5" finished! I just like to do close-ups for the details.

 A little set in seam here.
And one more to complete the row!
 And now, the Black and White blocks I was working on. The alternate blocks surely change the look of this and the borders are on now, too. . . just not in the picture.
I had a coral colored back for this and then when I laid it under the white, realized it would shadow through so had to get another backing. Ugh!! I'll use the coral for something else now but hope to remember this lesson when using a lot of white. I should have known this by now but just another learning experience I suppose. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Rebecca's Primitive Garden

My neighbor and friend has been working on her Primitive Garden for a couple of years now, along with many other projects. I recently quilted it for her and wanted to share her beautiful quilt!
 She personalized the quilt in so many ways instead of exactly following the pattern - a flag added and another birdhouse . . .
 lots of different birds - a cardinal here . . .
 pretty bluebirds at the birdbath . . .
and special stitching on the flowers.
 Love the sunflowers and crows . . .
garden gate with flowers . . .
 watering can . . .
wheelbarrow . . .
rake and birds . . .
and some butterflies and bees, too! Beautifully done and such a huge project. I began at the same time and have just gotten to my first border. Maybe next year it will be completed! Great job, Rebecca!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Farmer's Wife Blocks & Birthday Block

 I worked on a few more Farmer's Wife Blocks this week. Here they are - up close! 
Block 32
 Block 58
 Block 35
 Block 39
Block 40
 I use several different methods to get these accurate. One is the EQ software and I print out templates or even paper piece. Since I was fussy cutting this block, I printed out the templates BUT used the Marti Michell template for cutting the little floral triangles. I have used many of her templates for cutting as they are SO accurate.
Block 33
 Honestly, I do enjoy going through my fabrics and choosing them for each block about as much as sewing them. 
 Here are a few choices for future blocks.
 It takes longer to prepare the fabrics, ironing and cutting, than it does to sew them.
I like how they are all individualized though.
Here is another little 8" block quilt for Elaine. She recently celebrated a special birthday and many in the guild are making her 8" blocks to be put together (with pins) in a quilt. This pattern was taken from the Kim McLean Stars and Sprigs pattern. Guess when I bought this pattern I thought I'd make the whole quilt..........still might someday. A great way to use a lot of Kaffe fabrics in a simple way.

I hope to get back to my Black & White BOM this week and get those alternate blocks sewn. Stitch when you can!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Black & White BOM 2010

 In 2010, our small quilt group began this BOM at Quilts 'n Stitchins in Jonesboro. I collected my blocks - most of them - $1 each - and sewed two. Others finished their quilts years ago but mine were aging in their little plastic baggies.
 Last week I pulled them out and stitched what is on the design wall above. I had no more white on white fabric to finish the last two so I am waiting on more fabric. Plus, this is just the beginning . . .there are 13 alternate blocks, each being a 5-patch. I had to order some black and white and I cut the above into 3.5" squares from fabric I had on hand. This will be a queen sized quilt when completed. The good thing is the blocks are 15" so not too difficult.
Here are scraps left for the border which I still need to cut.
 Meanwhile, I stitched two more Dear Jane quilt blocks. This one and the one on the right below.
I am not very good at Y seams or curves but I managed in the purple one. I am over 1/3 of the way finished, meaning I only have 149 more blocks to go!
I stitched this Farmer's Wife blocks, too. It's funny how large the pieces seemed after working with Dear Jane. It is 6" finished and DJ is 4.5" finished. Quite a variety this week but all were enjoyable!
Stitch when you can!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Stitching in 2015

For those not familiar with the Dear Jane quilts or Jane A. Stickle quilt, here is the cover. There are 225 blocks and the center blocks are 4.5" finished. The border triangles are 5" x 8" finished. Quite a quilt and of course made by hand 150 years ago. I am continuing on with my Dear Jane journey this year and here are some blocks I've completed recently.

This is one of the triangle border blocks.

 All my Dear Jane blocks for now.
I got a little appliqué done on my Flower Garden quilt, pattern by Kim McLean. It has been waiting for years to be stitched. I'm just a little behind . . . . .
Here is another new book that really interests me. The 1718 Coverlet. And can you believe, most of the blocks are also 4.5" finished. Anyway, it's a future possibility but just thought I'd share the book. Happy Quilting!!