Friday, August 8, 2014

More Charity Quilts - Cathedral Pattern

 First, let's just get this out of the way - this fabric that is. I figure after 20 years of aging it and using lots of pieces off of it, I must not be going to sew this.
 I recently packed up three shopping bags full of fabrics, a little cross stitch, etc, and let someone else be in charge of sewing it. Actually I had one long arm customer who was making many charity quilts take one shopping bag full.
 Some of these ended up in the quilts below but the rest went to Goodwill. No more guilt for me on not sewing these fabrics!!! It truly felt so good to share these with someone else that would use them.
 The Cathedral by Villa Rosa Designs is the pattern here. I've shown them before, little 4 x 6 postcards with simple cute patterns.
 I added some fun 'newer' fabrics to make these older ones pop, bought a beautiful sunflower batik almost half price for the backs and had two quilts ready. Here is my machine binding that I'm so thrilled about - thanks to Nancy at Tattered Garden Quilting.

 These quilts are very similar but different quilting designs and bindings.
 Now to find them a home!
 These fabrics were leftover from a little quilt I made last year. Just enough to make this baby quilt!
Another all machine binding!!
And, just as a word of caution! Yesterday as my husband and I were eating lunch, we heard a really loud crash. So loud we even looked outside. When we went to the other end of the house this is what we found in the guest room bath!! The glued mirror had fallen off of the wall and shattered into a million pieces. A mess to clean up and wash quilts and things that were laying close by but mostly we are just so THANKFUL no one was in the room. This is where the crib for the babies is and could have been so tragic. So, now all our mirrors have clips at the top to hold them in case the glue lets go. I have now heard of several instances like this, even our next door neighbor, but many times a towel bar or adjacent wall caught the mirror before it crashed. Don't let it happen to you!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Primitive Garden & Improvisational Quilting

This is Block 6 of my Primitive Garden Quilt . . . still a work in progress! It's called Sap Bucket.
 Here are some components left over from the Chevron Baby Quilt I made in February. I just bag these pieces up when I finish a quilt in hopes of doing something with them later . . . Well, now is later!
Hmm, here is a possibility for the squares.  . .
 Lots of little odd triangles. There were no blocks in the quilt like this but the easy technique used gave all these leftovers.
 I began experimenting to see how to put them into a new quilt.
 Another way . . .
 and yet still another.
 Okay, this is a possibility for a strip quilt which I really enjoy doing!
 Just going to line all these up as far as they will go in rows.
 And now it's looking a little unorganized and boring so I think I'll add a little contrasting color - red seems good to me!
 I just happened to have enough red left from the construction quilt a few months ago to make all these 1inch finished strips.
 I've almost used every single piece I had of leftovers
 and here it is quilted - still on the longarm machine.
I used a pantograph I've been wanting to try for a while - Basket Weave - actually gives it more of a contemporary feel. I'll finish this with a red binding soon. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014


 My Words to Live by is coming along. All pieced EXCEPT the last border which has those hundreds of half square triangles to sew together plus four more pretty appliqué blocks in the corners.
 After getting this far, I just needed something quick and easy to work on. I will say the HST's ended up very accurate using the triangles on a roll paper. I am having a hard time knowing how to press them best so they will all lay flat. With those in the center, I pressed the seam allowances between the rows open. Any more suggestions? 
 Here is the FUN project for now! Under the Big Top 2. These fabrics are leftovers from a baby quilt I made last summer for a great nephew. This will be a charity quilt.
 I really love working with scraps like this. Just take the leftovers - lay them out - and see what comes to mind. I had so many cool triangles leftover that I began sewing them together. 
 What would be the best layout?
 I sewed them very similar to the original quilt but didn't have quite enough to go around the border. No problem!!!
I improvised and filled in with some other leftover fabric. I pieced a backing and now it's waiting to be quilted. . . more when that is finished!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Words to Live By and More!

 Block five of my Primitive Garden is complete! This is a slow journey but I am enjoying the stitching!
Block 2 of my Sunflower Gatherings SBOW 2014 is ready to stitch. My goal is just to get the blocks pieced and the wool fused, ready to stitch.. . . . . . .
 because I am trying to finish my SBOW 2013 which is a large quilt. I must say it is very organized and that is a good thing, because there are 762 triangles to make and stitch. Lisa even has a cool way to lay them out so the triangles are organized for each border.........I do like that!
More triangles!

 My design wall as I tried to get the large triangles placed around each block.
 Now they are sewn and I'm working on the center small HST (half square triangles).
I hope to get those center triangles sewn today.

Meanwhile, I am still posting on my other blog to keep up with my finished quilt projects. It's been a year now since I began and I am pleased with my progress. For me, seeing it 'spelled out' with pictures helps! Happy Stitching!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Quilt Retreat!

 In May, our small group went on a quilt retreat for a week - well, for some it was two days and others the full week but we had a great time and really got a lot accomplished with our quilting. Gerry and Wonda are sharing pictures on their iPads and always ready with a smile.
 Gerry is stitching now. . .
 and so is Gloria! From early morning til late at night!
 Nancy, from Tattered Garden, got a lot of stitching on her appliqué, plus some other machine projects. 
 We finally got out one day for a quilt shop visit and lunch.
Jane made great progress on a quilt for her daughter and son-in-law. She began with 20 star blocks and when I left a couple of days early, she had doubled that amount so I'm sure she's done even more now. We even took out time to walk and enjoy the beautiful surroundings in the North Georgia mountains.
 Here is one project I worked on - another construction quilt like I made for my grandson last year.
And now it is quilted!
 I've really been trying to finish up my last year's SBOW with Primitive Gatherings - Words to Live By. I should have put the date 2014 on it but I wasn't thinking when I inked it last year that it would not be finished then. Oh well, that was the summer it began.
 I do have all the wool stitched and hundreds of half square triangles in the making.
 My last two blocks in the border.
 Two more finished blocks with the Primitive Garden. . .
A close up. . .
 This is so perfect with all the crows, as they are all around us where we live.
One more close-up.
And now, it is summer again, and time for another SBOW with PG. My first package arrived today . . some pieced blocks and wool sunflowers! I think it's going to be another beautiful quilt!
And last but certainly not least, who I have been spending a lot of time with lately! They steal Nana's heart with every smile!!