Friday, July 3, 2015

Black & White Quilts

I finished up the Black and White BOM for 2010 recently. Here is a picture of it on a bed.

 And a close up.
 This is another black and white quilt I made several years ago. I want to show how some of the black and whites have faded. 
 These were all quilt shop quality fabrics.
Most often I have had the quilt turned over so it would not get too much sun and the blinds closed as it is in a guest room but even so, a good bit of fading. I'll just say it gives it character!!
Here is another black and white quilt for a great nephew to be born very soon. When I asked for the colors and theme of the baby's room, I was told told black and white fabrics, tee pees, arrows and swiss crosses, so this is what I came up with. A little traditional in layout . . .
 This is a little closer up with the backing showing
and this is really close up. I used EQ7 to make my pattern and quilt layout. 
Happy Fourth of July!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

More Dear Jane Blocks & Quilt Retreat!

I'm not sure how many years I'll be posting these Dear Jane blocks until I get a finished quilt but at least I am now past the halfway point - yay!! There are 225 blocks and I've finished 115. Our small group had a quilt retreat for a week and I got a lot accomplished that week.

 I had some ripping going on as the above corner triangles were all sewn incorrectly for starters. Oh well - life as a quilter.

 Four more triangles made . . .

Now this error took more than ripping. I had to make a whole new block. See how just a smidgen of being off with your 1/4" seam makes a difference with 4.5" blocks! The first one was TOO BIG and my friends would NOT let me get by with cutting all those outer points off - it would have looked pretty bad, wouldn't it have?? LOL! So, a REDO. Glad I did!
 Jane was working on her beautiful pineapple quilt - actually, just one of her projects.
Here is one of Nancy's projects - a patriotic quilt she had been saving to make for a while - turned out SO pretty!
 If you wonder why Nancy's quilts are so perfect - you can see above that she trims and resizes every block.
 This picture was not too clear but the quilt is beautiful - Gloria's curved blocks.
Wonda was making a large red and white scrappy quilt from a magazine pattern that when finished will have lots of stars in it!
 I did not get a picture of Gerry's blocks but she is making the Women of the Bible Quilt being shared at Little Quilts, using lots of batiks.
Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dear Jane Blocks and Camouflage Quilt

 I did manage to do a set in seam on this one! Maybe there is hope for my sewing skills - lol!
 Lots of appliqué to keep from piecing the curves.
 More applique . . .
and even more. Whoops, I see a tiny bit of red bleeding. May have to redo this block or at least try rinsing it again.
 This quilt was made for a special young man.
 I purchased the fabric on a Friday morning and made this quilt over the weekend.
 It was washed and to UPS by Monday afternoon.
 What a fun quilt to make and surprise a young man with some of his favorite interests on the quilt.
He was thrilled and I had the joy of making it for him! The pattern is Triple Treat Petite from Atkinson Designs book, Happy Hour. I resized the blocks to 12" for the size quilt I wanted to make. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dear Jane Again!

Here is one of the projects I've been working on recently - Dear Jane - 94 blocks complete!
 Most of these are from Row F. Sometimes it takes me about as long to figure out HOW I am going to sew these blocks as it does to actually do them.
 Now this one was simple!

 Did I mention that I really can't sew curves? Or set in seams? After 35 years??
 Pretty pitiful, isn't it. I am considering trying hand piecing again. I tried in the nineties and was unsuccessful, but I didn't do much hand appliqué then either. I use all different techniques because I really want them to look nice when I'm finished.
 I used the starch method on these tiny melons.
 I appliquéd the four red inset seams above because I can't sew set in seams well.
I appliquéd these little orange melons. This seems a little bright but I have some other oranges in the quilt so think it will blend well. My goal has been to make the quilt in colors/fabrics that Jane Stickle might have used originally before her quilt faded over the years, also personalizing it as I go. 
Happy Stitching and thanks for viewing my blog!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dear Jane & Black & White BOM

 Last week I was able to get some more Dear Jane blocks completed.
 I needed to fill in the blanks on Row E, as I had chosen some of the simpler ones to sew first. Imagine that!!
 So now Rows A - E are complete, plus some more for a total of 85 blocks! Wahoo!! 
 Remember, these are 4.5" finished! I just like to do close-ups for the details.

 A little set in seam here.
And one more to complete the row!
 And now, the Black and White blocks I was working on. The alternate blocks surely change the look of this and the borders are on now, too. . . just not in the picture.
I had a coral colored back for this and then when I laid it under the white, realized it would shadow through so had to get another backing. Ugh!! I'll use the coral for something else now but hope to remember this lesson when using a lot of white. I should have known this by now but just another learning experience I suppose.