Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bible Quilt

Wahoo! I have just finished quilting the Bible Quilt that's been in progress for 16 years!! It's about time, I'd say!!
It's still hanging on the longarm but I was so excited I wanted to share! I know my embroidery is better by waiting but really . . .!!

I still have a hard time deciding how to quilt things with custom and also used about ten different threads to have things blend instead of stand out so much. 
This has been my handwork for the last week in the evenings. 12 little hexagons all ready for my Di Ford Mystery Quilt 2014, Part 3. Slowly but surely. I did enjoy piecing them - they are 1/2" size hexagons (each side) and I used the SewLine glue pen. I also punched a hole into the back of each paper for ease of removing but the glue seems to unstick fairly well.

As recommended by Nancy, I will starch them and remove the papers before I appliqué them to the border fabric. Happy Stitches til next time!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Long Time - No Blogging!

 It looks as though I can never keep up with a BOM project. Here is the Di Ford Mystery quilt from 2014. A few months ago I got the second border done and now am working on the third. Only quilters and appliquérs really have any idea how much time goes into these quilts but we do enjoy the process.
 I do like all the little circles and hexagons in the cornerstone.
 This is another Yellow Brick Road baby quilt made for my niece's baby girl. I've probably made this pattern 15 times or more through the years - so quick and easy but shows off fabrics nicely, too.
 I sewed up all the little scraps and made 3 dolly quilts and gave them for the baby and her older sister pictured below.
 Happy siblings showing off the quilt!! Of course they all have their quilts, too.
 This is another dolly quilt for my granddaughter that I made at Christmas. Really there are two but they are so much alike I'm just showing one. Probably 16" x 24" in size.
 Had some leftover minkee for the back also.
 And then when November rolled around, I decided to join the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, Allietare! Five of six in my small group also made this quilt.
 Each section was really doable and I enjoyed using Bonnie's colors, too.
 This one took a little while but went together well.
 Here is a portion as it hangs on the longarm rail.
A close up - and now I need to add borders and get it quilted. Happy Stitching!!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Recap of November

I'm not sure where the month of November went! Well, I am, really, so here are a few pictures to share!
 First of all, the quilt show in North Augusta, SC, where I entered my Words to Live By quilt. It was a great show and I feel honored to have won this ribbon - there were many great appliqué quilts.
 I was thrilled with the ribbon!
 Here is my Black and White BOM I finished earlier this year . . . .
And last, my Botanical Garden. A really fun quilt to make,  inspired by Sarah Fielke's book. 
This show was on a Friday and Saturday and I left Sunday for Nicaragua for another mission trip. There were three of us ladies, carrying packages to 74 sponsored children at a Christian School there. 
 Here we are with all our bags, ready to leave.
Sylvia shares more of Jesus' love to the children as we are getting ready to distribute the care packages while the children eagerly wait! 
 I was able to see these children that my husband and I had sponsored in person! 
 What a joy. . .
 and this precious girl we have corresponded with for five years and now she is graduating from high school, wanting to become a nurse. They were all three graduating.
 We took the 15 graduating seniors on a day trip to Lake Nicaragua, lunch at a restaurant and to this gorgeous overlook at Catarina below.

One little village we visited has no running water. This is the way all the people get their water - they go down this path past where the road goes, wash their clothes in the 'river', which is really a stream, bag their clothes up and fill their five gallon bucket and walk back up the hill to their home. Truly amazing!! A well has been dug nearby and now there is an effort to raise funds to pipe the water a couple of miles down the road so the people will have water at their homes. The path was difficult to walk down for us, yet they do it frequently.
Here is the 'river' where they have carved out areas to sit on the rocks as they wash their clothes.
This little ten year old girl filled her bucket with water and waited to lead us up the path.
She would not go until we followed and she knew we would be okay, the whole time holding the bucket of water on her head. Amazing! 
Another exciting thing is that a sewing ministry was started five years ago and many are graduating from this school and are able to have home businesses to make money to help support their families. It's great to see that sewing, which I love so much, reaches around the world to help others!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Bible Quilt UFO

My current UFO project is a Bible Quilt, pattern by Jan Patek, I began - oops - in the nineties, finally completed the appliqué in the 2000s and set it aside. It has embroidery work for the lettering and I was not real comfortable with that so, I put it away all neatly in my portfolio case. Since I have done so much work with wool in the last 3 years, I am no longer afraid of the lettering and hand stitching.
 Here is block one and
 the picture of Jan's quilt on the cover. This was one of the first BOMs I had ever seen and it seemed SO expensive - it was $6.50 a month, and all I could think was that you could buy a book for $20 back then. Anyway, I liked it so much I bought it.
 I used a lot of Roberta Horton plaids and stripes which were so easy to appliqué with the fineness of those fabrics.

 Here is my portfolio case. Only problem is, it holds the blocks so neatly you just let them age too well!
 I put a pocket for the patterns on one side and
 the other side holds the blocks in place nice and flat. My first case was made by a friend and given to me and since then I've made a couple more to accommodate the size blocks I was making.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Words to Live By - SBOW 2013

I have another quilt finish to share! This could be called my 'quilt of the year'!
 I finished the top in the spring but waited until recently to quilt it. It took a while but was worth the time! This was the SBOW from Primitive Gatherings for 2013. 
Lisa Bongean (the designer and shop owner) even had a lettering guide so we could 'write' our name. I really enjoyed stitching all this beautiful wool! Here are a few close-ups. 
 This wording was not in the pattern but I feel it to have the most important words of all so I changed one of my blocks.
 Still on the longarm!

 Between 6 and 700 half square triangles. The biggest challenge of all!
There is a quilt show in North Augusta, SC, on November 6 - 7, where I will put it to show. I'm still a member of this guild after living away for 16 years - a great group!!