Saturday, February 6, 2010

Christmas Munchies & Michigan Memories

Wahoo! I'm getting a little checked off of my 'quilts to do in 2010 list'. This first one is Christmas Munchies, which was a kit I bought a year ago after Christmas. It is now completed and will be ready for Christmas. I worked on this at the Hickory Knob Quilt Retreat in January.
My favorite fabric is the ribbon candy. Funny, my Dad got some for Christmas and gave it to me. It's been a while since I had actually seen ribbon candy.
Here is my Turning Twenty Again, aka, Michigan Memories Tablecloth. When we visited Michigan a year and a half ago, it was time for the cherry festival. You could buy fresh cherries all along the roads and we did. They were so good. Therefore, I decided to buy cherries fabrics at the quilt shops in the area. Got a nice variety and just had to add a few other fabrics from my stash to make this tablecloth to brighten our already 'rose colored' kitchen.
Along with working from my stash this year, I decided to piece the back of this 68" x 68" quilt. That's a lot of scraps and took almost as much time as it did to make the top, but isn't it fun? I think I used up all my cherries fabrics except for a Moda Jelly Roll of Berry Delicious, but that's another whole quilt.
And here is the tablecloth on the table! Fits perfectly and it really does brighten the area! I'm still working on Diagonal Madness..........almost have the four patches all sewn so hope to show it next least how it is on my design wall.

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Barbara Raisbeck said...

Oh, my gosh. I went to a one room school house through 5th grade and every year we got ribbon candy and peanuts in their shells in a brown paper sack from Santa. I don't think I have seen ribbon candy since then. I never did like the taste but loved the look of it.

Your home is beautiful!

Happy Quilting.