Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kaleidoscope II and Farmer's Wife Blocks

 Here is the quilt I began working on last week during our snow, using up scraps from a previous quilt. Well, sometimes when you try to use all the scraps, you should just stop and let them go. I thought by adding the half blocks on the ends that it might turn out 'artsy' but instead it just makes you wonder "what happened"? Oh well, that is how I learn with quilts. It seemed okay when I took the photograph but when completed, just makes you wonder - lol!! 
One of the things I've enjoyed doing through the years when making quilts from leftovers is trying new things or making do with what I have. Some have turned out great and others, well, not so great. I enjoyed working on it and I think it will be a nice baby quilt for some child when I decide to give it away.
 Here is a close up view and I guess my favorite 'scrap' was the striped binding I had left from the nautical quilt I made in January. It was absolutely perfect for this quilt, too, and just the right amount.
 As for the back, I had fun piecing some backing leftovers from my "Not So Easy Street" from Bonnie Hunter's 2012 Mystery quilt.
One of my UFOs I would like to finish this year is my Farmer's Wife Quilt. Yesterday I actually made these three blocks and pulled fabric for about a dozen more. I think I enjoy choosing the fabrics as much as I do making them - just trying to find the 'perfect' choice from what I have to look similar to those in the book, and then getting them to all turn out the same size - 6.5" unfinished. 
When I began quilting in the early eighties, a 12" block was pretty much standard, and so much simpler to be accurate with larger pieces. Now 6" is a popular size and I have to work pretty hard to get them all the same. Guess I'm spoiled to so many blocks that you make and 'cut down to size'. I'm about 1/4 finished with this quilt now if I make all 111 blocks.
To see some other Farmer's Wife Blocks with a totally different spin on them, visit Pinkadot Quilts. Her fabrics are wonderful and so happy!
 Happy Stitching!

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Nancy said...

I think it turned out just perfect especially the binding. I like the way you always finish your tops and don’t just put them away and start something else like some of us.