Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Quilting

 This is snow from two weeks ago when Atlanta shut down. What's a quilter to do but stay in and sew!! I did not mind that one bit!
 My niece is having a baby any day now and is using gray and white in the nursery. I went and found all these different grays when I learned of her colors. A couple of days later I was at two other quilt shops and they had several fabrics with the chevron design, gray and white, just like she was using. I did not know it was so popular!! I was tempted to buy that fabric but then the design was already there and where was my creativity going then? So I searched on the internet and found this blog, Crazy Mom Quilts, and she had a tutorial showing how to make this quilt without sewing any triangles. It really worked well!
 You lay out your fabrics as you desire (which took me quite sometime to decide just how I wanted the lights and darks to go), sew them together in rows on point and then square up the quilt cutting off the excess triangles. Quite simple.
 I mailed the quilt last week so now we are just waiting for the news of the baby.
A close-up view of the quilt and design. 

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