Sunday, September 22, 2013

Improvisational Table Runner

 This quilt began with scraps from my fall tablecloth of last year. I had saved the leftover fabrics in a plastic bag for a smaller project.
 I pressed the strips and tried to decide how to start.
I added a few more fabrics from my scrap basket that might go and decided to cut some rectangles and strips and began putting them together. That is how the large tablecloth was made.
 This is done rather randomly and really just what piece might fit to another. The rectangles are all different sizes, no measuring, just sewing. After all, if they went together once then they will have to go together again in a smaller project, right?
 After getting close to 20 blocks sewn, I just put them up on my design wall to see what they looked like together. I just made them fit sort of like a jigsaw puzzle, trying not to put same colors right next to each other.
 Eventually it looked like this. The table top was 20" x 41" so that was where I was headed size wise. I could always either add to this piece or trim away.
 I finally decided upon the top row and sewed most of them together.
 The next sections I put together in large rectangles, just as that is how the blocks seem to want to fit. It is quite fun to figure it out as you go. . .no perfect half square triangles to worry about, no exact size, just sew and see what you think. Add a strip if needed . . .
 Here are the 'parts' before sewing them all together.
 And here is the completed top. I did have to trim it down some as it was too large, even allowing for a little shrinkage after it was washed.
 Now it's quilted and bound!!
 A close up. . .
 one more close up. . .
and the backing. . . pieced of course with leftover fabrics. 
Here it is completed and on the old sewing table. I am officially ready for autumn and today is the day!!   I need to put something interesting in the marble bowl that my son-in-law brought me from Afghanistan this spring - the colors are perfect!
Here is the fall tablecloth. I must not have shown a picture last year after it was finished but it's one of my favorites. Happy Autumn!!

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Pinkadot Quilts said...

What a great runner, the colors are very autumnal.