Friday, July 25, 2014

Primitive Garden & Improvisational Quilting

This is Block 6 of my Primitive Garden Quilt . . . still a work in progress! It's called Sap Bucket.
 Here are some components left over from the Chevron Baby Quilt I made in February. I just bag these pieces up when I finish a quilt in hopes of doing something with them later . . . Well, now is later!
Hmm, here is a possibility for the squares.  . .
 Lots of little odd triangles. There were no blocks in the quilt like this but the easy technique used gave all these leftovers.
 I began experimenting to see how to put them into a new quilt.
 Another way . . .
 and yet still another.
 Okay, this is a possibility for a strip quilt which I really enjoy doing!
 Just going to line all these up as far as they will go in rows.
 And now it's looking a little unorganized and boring so I think I'll add a little contrasting color - red seems good to me!
 I just happened to have enough red left from the construction quilt a few months ago to make all these 1inch finished strips.
 I've almost used every single piece I had of leftovers
 and here it is quilted - still on the longarm machine.
I used a pantograph I've been wanting to try for a while - Basket Weave - actually gives it more of a contemporary feel. I'll finish this with a red binding soon. 


Nancy said...

This one turned out really nice. I like the red with the grey.

Dawn said...

The gray with red is stunning. The quilting really finished it off perfectly.