Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Still Here and Quilting!

 I'm not sure what happened to me but I just didn't seem to want to blog for a while - but here are a couple of quilts I have done. When my husband was treated for prostate cancer this spring in Jacksonville, Florida, he was a patient at the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute. They had art classes for children and adults alike and I spoke to the art teacher about quilting. As it turned out, I met two other quilters that helped some patients and family members make quilt blocks. All this began just as I was leaving.
This is the second quilt that has been made and I was happy to be able to quilt it for them. Brenda from Tennessee put the blocks together and sent it to me for the quilting and binding.
A close-up and below showing the backing!
Many of the blocks were hand sewn and I trust the patients enjoyed learning a new craft/art and having some therapy with it.
This quilt is a Christmas gift and went together quite well. I really like the colors in it. I'm still sewing the binding on it.
Here is most of our small quilt group - all but Wonda who had an injury and could not make it. We went to a tea room for our Christmas luncheon. Very nice and I feel so blest to have these wonderful ladies as my friends!


Ginny said...

Sweet photo of your quilt group! I used to have a little group that sewed together one night a week. I'd love to get something like that going again.

Nancy said...

Great quilts especially the second one. What a lovely group of ladies. Too bad they don’t meet more often.