Saturday, April 16, 2011

Giraffes, Elephants and Hippos - Oh My

This is the latest quilt for Jake - to stay at Nana's house. I saw this quilt made up at Intown Quilters a few months ago and thought it was so cute! So, at Shop Hop, I purchased the kit and got it finished last week.
I did machine applique with a small zigzag stitch, using a lightweight cotton thread. I do a technique that is sometimes called window fusing. I first trace the whole pattern on Wonder Under (in reverse), then trim out the inside, leaving about a half inch of Wonder Under all around the inside edges to bond. I do this to keep from having the quilt be too stiff from all the fusible.
This quilt pattern is free if you go to Michael Miller Fabrics and look under free patterns. Or, here is the actual down link. You will see it in totally different fabrics but you can download the file and choose whatever you like.
Here is the back of the quilt. I had the center portion left from the kit and the stripe had been bought for a project and not used so it worked out perfectly. Here is a tip I suggest: If you have just a short amount of fabric to be used at the top or bottom of a quilt, I prefer to have a larger bit as opposed to it just coming to the edge and only having an inch or two show on the end. This way it looks more like it was planned and not like you ran out of fabric at the end and had to add a little piece.


Nancy said...

Oh! Judy, This came out so cute. You sure are getting a lot done.

Carolyn said...

Judith this animal quilt for your
grandson is so cute. Nice job. I have done my first block of Comfort and Joy. The applique wasnt to scary.