Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bible Quilt

Wahoo! I have just finished quilting the Bible Quilt that's been in progress for 16 years!! It's about time, I'd say!!
It's still hanging on the longarm but I was so excited I wanted to share! I know my embroidery is better by waiting but really . . .!!

I still have a hard time deciding how to quilt things with custom and also used about ten different threads to have things blend instead of stand out so much. 
This has been my handwork for the last week in the evenings. 12 little hexagons all ready for my Di Ford Mystery Quilt 2014, Part 3. Slowly but surely. I did enjoy piecing them - they are 1/2" size hexagons (each side) and I used the SewLine glue pen. I also punched a hole into the back of each paper for ease of removing but the glue seems to unstick fairly well.

As recommended by Nancy, I will starch them and remove the papers before I appliqué them to the border fabric. Happy Stitches til next time!


Elaine said...

Congratulations on a lovely finish, I really like your bible quilt!

Mayleen said...

Congratulations on getting your Bible quilt to the quilting stage! Your Di Ford Mystery Quilt is looking good too. Somehow I missed starting it but I do have all the instructions, ha.

Kyle said...

Not sure why we put things off for so long. Your quilt is beautiful. Now on to the binding. Love your little hexies for Di's quilt. You're getting closer. Great job on both.