Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Long Time - No Blogging!

 It looks as though I can never keep up with a BOM project. Here is the Di Ford Mystery quilt from 2014. A few months ago I got the second border done and now am working on the third. Only quilters and appliquérs really have any idea how much time goes into these quilts but we do enjoy the process.
 I do like all the little circles and hexagons in the cornerstone.
 This is another Yellow Brick Road baby quilt made for my niece's baby girl. I've probably made this pattern 15 times or more through the years - so quick and easy but shows off fabrics nicely, too.
 I sewed up all the little scraps and made 3 dolly quilts and gave them for the baby and her older sister pictured below.
 Happy siblings showing off the quilt!! Of course they all have their quilts, too.
 This is another dolly quilt for my granddaughter that I made at Christmas. Really there are two but they are so much alike I'm just showing one. Probably 16" x 24" in size.
 Had some leftover minkee for the back also.
 And then when November rolled around, I decided to join the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, Allietare! Five of six in my small group also made this quilt.
 Each section was really doable and I enjoyed using Bonnie's colors, too.
 This one took a little while but went together well.
 Here is a portion as it hangs on the longarm rail.
A close up - and now I need to add borders and get it quilted. Happy Stitching!!


Kyle said...

Having made Di's quilt as well, I KNOW how long each of those borders take. Keep going. It's such a beautiful quilt. Yellow Brick road is definitely a go to quilt. Love how yours turned out and all the little guys too. Gosh, you have been busy with BH mystery quilt as well. You're going to have lots of finishes soon!

Nancy said...

Looking good Judy. Those borders on the Di Ford quilt are very time consuming