Saturday, August 29, 2015

Modern and Simple

 I showed some fat quarters recently and this is the quilt that came of them. So simple to make but I like the statement it makes because of the fabrics.
The pattern is in this book and on the cover above by Kaffe Fassett - Quilts in the Sun. What a difference fabrics make! I like both quilts but they are very different. It began with 20 fat quarters.
 Here are a couple of close-ups and I used a pantograph called Geometric Path to complete the modern look.
Thanks for viewing my blog and stitch when you get a moment!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Year Clothes Quilt

My nephew's wife asked me to make a quilt with her one year old's clothes. I had not done this before but she found a picture on Pinterest for inspiration so I went from there. It was a similar technique as doing a T-shirt quilt really, except with 'flags' or 'pennants'.
 The picture I saw had smaller bits of the clothes but since these were special clothes she wanted more of the detailing to show. 
I just happened to have a nice triangle ruler that worked well so the cutting was easy.
 I used a very soft interfacing on the back of the clothes so they would not stretch as I sewed them and would keep a little body after the quilt was made.
 I also cut small strips - 3/4" of the fusible Wonder Under to lay on the outside edges to bond the pieces, so the zigzagged edge would sew better. I rough cut the pieces at first, added the interfacing then fusible THEN cut with the ruler so my edges would be nice and sharp.
 I added his name at the bottom . . .
and just thought this little shirt with buttons was so cute, too!
 Here's the full quilt! Just looks like some little clotheslines to me with all the clothes hanging on it.
 I quilted a fun freehand swirl design. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer Quilts!

I do still quilt, I just don't blog, but since I heard from some friends today that they really do check my blog for pictures, I thought I would post some. If you would like to know when I put up new pictures, just sign up by email in the sidebar on the right and every time I post, you'll get an email notifying you! 
 First of all, I'll start with the Mr. and Mrs. Noah quilts. These were printed panels I bought several years ago and put them in the closet. When my grandson comes, he loves to see what he can find for Nana to make so we decided this spring it would be a Noah, finally when I went to visit in the summer, I took them their quilts. They were just right to cover them up, play with, drag around, etc.
 I put flamingos on the back of Lacey's and her binding and 
Jake had chosen butterflies for his backing!! Little fun quilts!
 This was a kit I had purchased from Little Quilts. All I had to provide was the backing, and found a piece that was perfect for it in my stash. It'll be pretty in the den this fall.
 Cute little houses!
The border was what sold me on the quilt. This is called Hampton Farm!
 I decided to use up some scraps and strips I had been saving. My container says "Mixed Fabric Strips" which meant lots of different sizes but I only needed 1 1/2" for this so I sorted through two containers to get the correct size. The mixed would work well for other projects!!
 I found this pattern, Spring, at The Stitchin' Post website for free by Valori Wells. I sewed strips for a long time and decided only to use brights or clear colors, eliminating a few.
It was fun remembering what quilts I had used the fabrics for - and sometimes NOT remembering also.
 Here's a close up. . .
 and the quilt hanging on the long arm.
I still have tons of strips left to sew for another project!
Here are the fabrics for a project I will work on next. I've already cut the pieces and the pattern is on the front of Kaffe's book, Quilts in the Sun. So easy yet I think will be perfect for this fat quarter bundle I bought a couple of years ago at Intown Quilters - possibly my favorite quilt shop!