Sunday, October 25, 2015

Flower Garden Blocks

 I began this quilt in January 2012, but as you know, I get sidetracked easily and have many projects going at once. I did lots of tracing, months later I chose many fabrics, and even stitched a couple of blocks and then set it aside.
 However, I picked it back up and now have six blocks completed. I had even debated on whether to try the starch appliqué method that works so well for others but I already had my freezer paper cut for needle turn so decided to stick with that.
 I suppose the only drawback to my method is that occasionally the freezer paper comes off a little. I try to get it ironed on well the first time and then leave the paper on and use the edge as a guide.
 As usual with most of my appliqué, I am trying to use the fabrics just as are pictured on the pattern. That is often what draws me to it.
 Happy fabrics is what these are and they make me smile!
That's all for now. I do have many more quilts to show if I'll just get back to blogging!

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