Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dear Jane & Black & White BOM

 Last week I was able to get some more Dear Jane blocks completed.
 I needed to fill in the blanks on Row E, as I had chosen some of the simpler ones to sew first. Imagine that!!
 So now Rows A - E are complete, plus some more for a total of 85 blocks! Wahoo!! 
 Remember, these are 4.5" finished! I just like to do close-ups for the details.

 A little set in seam here.
And one more to complete the row!
 And now, the Black and White blocks I was working on. The alternate blocks surely change the look of this and the borders are on now, too. . . just not in the picture.
I had a coral colored back for this and then when I laid it under the white, realized it would shadow through so had to get another backing. Ugh!! I'll use the coral for something else now but hope to remember this lesson when using a lot of white. I should have known this by now but just another learning experience I suppose. 


Nancy said...

Nice Jane blocks. I sure am glad I am not making this one. I forgot how pretty the black and white quilt was.

LuAnn said...

Your Dear Jane blocks are great. And, I love your black and white quilt.

Mayleen said...

Too bad you couldn't use the coral background. I think it would have been great with the black/white top. Great DJ blocks!