Monday, January 26, 2015

Black & White BOM 2010

 In 2010, our small quilt group began this BOM at Quilts 'n Stitchins in Jonesboro. I collected my blocks - most of them - $1 each - and sewed two. Others finished their quilts years ago but mine were aging in their little plastic baggies.
 Last week I pulled them out and stitched what is on the design wall above. I had no more white on white fabric to finish the last two so I am waiting on more fabric. Plus, this is just the beginning . . .there are 13 alternate blocks, each being a 5-patch. I had to order some black and white and I cut the above into 3.5" squares from fabric I had on hand. This will be a queen sized quilt when completed. The good thing is the blocks are 15" so not too difficult.
Here are scraps left for the border which I still need to cut.
 Meanwhile, I stitched two more Dear Jane quilt blocks. This one and the one on the right below.
I am not very good at Y seams or curves but I managed in the purple one. I am over 1/3 of the way finished, meaning I only have 149 more blocks to go!
I stitched this Farmer's Wife blocks, too. It's funny how large the pieces seemed after working with Dear Jane. It is 6" finished and DJ is 4.5" finished. Quite a variety this week but all were enjoyable!
Stitch when you can!!

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Nancy said...

Good start on your black and white. What a range of sizes in your blocks from 4.5" to 15"