Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Words to Live By

I have another of my "Words to Live By" blocks completed. This is going to be a really large quilt. Again, this was a summer block of the week last year but for me it takes a full year (or more) to complete a quilt like this. If you go to the link you will see that there are 672, yes, 672, half square triangles for the center block and borders and I did buy the finishing kit for that. So, I just did a test on the triangle method - see below - to see if they were accurate for 2" finished squares . . .
and my test showed that they were!! Yeah! I've not been as happy with some other paper triangles that I have used but these seemed just right!
 This week I have prepared the corner border blocks which are 8" finished, a little smaller than the center blocks.
 I changed the wording on this block to more reflect what I felt about words.
 Then getting this one with your own name sized to be just right was a little challenge, since the font size was not available on my computer.
And the last block - Respect! You trace these words with a lightbox which might seem simple enough, but when you are 'looking' through medium-dark fabrics with dots, etc, on them, it is not always easy to see through. I did iron freezer paper on the back when I traced to keep the fabric stable and it helped, yet did not seem to block the light.
Okay, now more stitching to do, but I enjoy the preparation as well!


Nancy said...

Beautiful Judy, I really must get back to work on mine.

Glady said...

Hi Judith, I like your Words to Live by Quilt and can see that it is a challenge, but well worth it. I was recently helping with our raffle quilt for my quilt guild and they used the papers to make the half square triangles. It turned out to be very accurate for us also. I am going to have to get some of those!