Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Quilting II

Here is a picture taken this morning of our second round of snow in two weeks. However, this time we had ice and sleet first then snow to cover it last night. Isn't it beautiful?? Of course people all in the south and up the eastern coast can show similar pictures today. I went out to feed the birds this morning and it was just crunchy under my feet. Now the sun is shining brightly and it is beginning to melt but so pretty while it lasts!
 I needed a little project to work on yesterday so I found over 100 triangle leftovers from this quilt that I made in the nineties. It is hanging in the stairwell going upstairs. It is made from the pointillist palette fabrics by Debra Lunn. The fabric gradated from one selvage to the other with tiny dots of color, shading into the next. I designed this kaleidoscope quilt to show off the fabric and shading.
 Here is a close-up of the quilt.
 Here is what I worked on yesterday. I only had enough fabric to make one block of each fabric with a few leftovers. I'm still trying to decide how to lay it out - not like it is on the design wall, though. I need to do something with the other leftover blocks. I will add the black and white triangles to make them square and I'm thinking to separate the blocks this time.
A close-up view of the fabrics. Now I could do this probably 25 more times with other little bags of fabric I've kept from leftover quilts. It is fun to see what you can do with the leftovers! Happy Stitching to all those snowed in today.

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Glady said...

Snow is a novelty in Georgia, but I have to say that here in Ohio we are sick of it. It has been a long, cold tough winter! Today, temps are in the 30's; the warmest it's been in a long time. Enjoy your snow quilting and keep warm. Did you see that I "finally" finished my Easy Street top? I was so happy!