Friday, April 26, 2013

Hugs and Kisses

I completed this quilt top over the weekend. It was a UFO from, hmmm, maybe 2004. I had made all the blocks, sewn the applique by machine and just had it filed away neatly in a plastic shoebox for all these years. When I made it, I did not know of a baby girl being born to give it to but just liked the colorful cute quilt on the front of this magazine below from 2003.
 It is a good thing I had completed the applique earlier because I would not be wanting to do that just now. It went together very quickly though and I will bind it with the stripe below. My friend, Nancy, and I were just talking of forgetting details about those UFOs we bring out to finish. There were some filler fabrics needed and I had to go find them from my stash - they had not made it into the shoe box. I had no idea the project was so old until I looked at the magazine date.
This quilt will be for Lacey when she comes to visit at Nana's house - perfect for a sweet little girl!
My husband is being treated for prostate cancer and we are staying near the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute. This treatment is a type of radiation with less side effects than other treatment types and certainly a great alternative to the surgery that was recommended to him. He is writing a blog to share mostly with other men who may be facing this type of cancer. He is doing great, very pleased with the treatment he is receiving here and this is my temporary sewing room for now. I brought several projects to work on while we are here. Stitch when you can! I am.


Nancy said...

This is such a cute little quilt and you have done a nice job setting up your sewing area.
Wayne is doing an excellent job with his blog. Lots of good information there.

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Those magazine covers get us every time! What little girl wouldn't love that quilt?
Best of luck to you husband. I think a blog is a great way to get through something like this.