Saturday, December 1, 2012

Easy Street Part 1 Four Patches

 Here are all 191 four patches of my Easy Street Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter!! I had a few extra but that helps when you get down to the end and need to choose 'which set' works near another.
I did not have enough black and white fabrics so added a few more yesterday. Now it's time to begin making the flying geese for part 2. 

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Glady said...

Glad to see you are done with your squares. I'm at about 140 now. Soon, I'll start the cutting for the flying geese, but am waiting for the angle companion ruler that I ordered from Keepsake (free shipping). I had an email that it was shipped, so hopefully today. I like Bonnie's video showing the technique for the flying geese and can't wait to try it!