Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall Tablecloth & SBOW in Wool

 I recently completed the stitching on my last two wool blocks for the 'summer BOW'. I bought the finishing kit so now I have 6 more blocks and a beautiful border to stitch.
 Here is a close-up view of a tablecloth I put together this winter but just got quilted a few weeks ago. The pattern is Triple Treat Petite by Atkinson Designs in the book Happy Hour. I choose the colors and fabrics (all from my stash) by looking at the quilt on the wall which I made over the years of 1999 - 2004. It is called "The Great Unknown". It was a class given at a quilt shop were I worked and I bought the kit in the 1990s.
 Here are both of them together!
I think the color combinations in the quilt are some of my favorites that I would not have thought to put together on my own. I find if you buy fabrics you really like when you see them then they will just keep going with other quilts you have. Happy Stitching!

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Nancy said...

Love your beautiful bright breakfast room. You have so many great quilts I haven’t seen.