Thursday, October 4, 2012

SBOW in Wool & Flower Garden

 I've been doing a little hand stitching, just not posting too much lately. Above are the blocks of my SBOW in wool from Primitive Gatherings. They won't be laid out like this in the final quilt but it's easy to see them all this way.
 I have finished three more in the last month and have the other four ready to stitch. I like having them all prepared so when I want to sit and stitch, it is waiting for me. This past week I got the finishing kit and it is going to be a beautiful quilt. Six more blocks in red, a gorgeous appliquéd border and Wow! So glad I signed up for this one.
 I think it is going to be available as a kit later on, too.
 And of course at the first of the year I wanted to start the Flower Garden quilt by Kim McLean. I had already traced all the blocks, gotten my stems ready and now it is choosing the fabrics which can take a while since I like to use the actual ones in the quilt if I have it or something very close.
 My sewing room is a wreck but it's fun to see all the fabrics again! I actually enlarge my pattern to poster size so I can view it much better then tape them together. It's laying on my cutting table so you can tell it's pretty big - LOL!
Here is block one in it's gallon size bag waiting to be trimmed, pinned on the background and stitched. I use the freezer paper on the top and the pattern is thin enough with tissue paper that it can be used as an overlay pretty easily. I am using a polka dot with pale green for the background. I've gotten several blocks ready this week and soon will be stitching away...........just one of my many appliqué projects I have going. And, no guilt for me for all the different projects. I'll get them completed  eventually. I'm just enjoying the journey and hope you are also! Happy Stitching!


Nancy said...

Oh Judy, your wool blocks are just wonderful. The stitching is absolutely perfect.
You have made a lot of progress on this one.

Kathie said...

oh this quilt is calling me again I actually have a block here all ready to appliqué I should get back to it...
a great tip to enlarge it to poster size!
will look forward to your progress