Thursday, May 31, 2012

What I've Been Up To Lately

 For several months I've been working on this little Precious Moments cross stitch for our grandson. I finished it the night before he arrived this weekend - I live by deadlines - LOL! Seriously, I had made one for our son 30+ years ago and then my daughter wanted one for Jake. Once while cleaning out my cross stitch booklets, this one moved to a new home. I downloaded a revised book, still 20 years old, and I did not realize they had changed the graph to a much more complex (but nicer) design until I had already begun. I should have used linen since there were SO MANY half and quarter stitches but alas, it was too late once I got into it. My eyes are surely not what they were 30 years ago either but I kept plugging along. Well, it was worth it and with my bright OTT light and many late hours, Jake will have a new picture in his room, showing who loves him best of all.
 And here he is at Nana's house this week where we are playing and having loads of fun!
 He decided his chair had little cup holders on the sides - he loves to drink water and it slides great on the hardwood floors.
 And while he was napping one day, I actually sewed two of my Farmer's Wife blocks. The one on the left had to be taken apart and I'm thinking now I didn't get those triangles centered properly. It looks sort of wonky in the photo. I guess I can't focus on keeping children and quilting at the same time. Hmm, may have to do it again...or maybe not. The Farmer's Wives blocks were probably not all perfect either.
And now since I have a hand stitching project with wool to sew from Primitive Gatherings, I'm trying to reorganize my threads. They were in several locations so I'm trying to get them all together. This little   plastic container just might do the trick.
Happy Stitching when you can!


Rachaeldaisy said...

What a sweet cross stitch!! Your grandson is a cutie, he really looks like the boy in the cross stitch! I was thinking I had to gather all my threads together too, isn't it funny how they end up in all sorts of places. Your Farmers wives blocks look perfect to me!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

How adorable! Great storage idea!!!