Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lollypop Trees Coming Together

I have been working on the borders and sashing of my Lollypop Trees for over a week now. June is usually a slow month for longarm quilting so it gives me a chance to put in extra hours for my own quilts which is nice. I had to cut 600+ squares for the borders and sashing on this quilt.
It was fun going back through all the colorful fabrics I used and then separating them out so I could get my squares in order. Think there is about 75 rectangles in the border going between all those baby blocks I saved til last.

Here are the border rows being put together on my design wall. Then sewing, then being sure these hundreds of squares will line up properly and the seam allowances will butt up against each other for a flat quilt. Oh, yes, and then I had to decide, will I SID (stitch in ditch) in the lollypop blocks? That adds another dimension to the pressing because pressing against all those seam allowances is not near as easy as pressing towards the background fabric, but, I decided I wanted a defined line so I pressed towards the sashing and squares.
Here I have pieces hanging all around my room - even on the longarm bars. It is a fascinating quilt to me, though, and the colors and fabrics and very simple shapes are what drew me to it. Such easy needle-turn applique!!
Here are some blocks displayed as they are being sewn together. Maybe in a week I'll have the top completed, but I'm going to need a simple quilt project to work on for a while after this.


June Dodge said...

Beautiful work on this top. Glad to see it!

Helen said...

love the lollipop trees! Gorgeous quilt

Pattilou said...

Love the way that this is coming together. This is the first time I've been to your blog and I'll be back! Your ideas are unique and fun!

Michele Bilyeu said...

You are an amazing folk artist, Judith! Love everything. Such great, great fun!!

wonda said...

Judy, Your Lolly pop trees are gorgeous. The outside border just set them off. Amazing amount of work.

Sussie said...

Your quilts are very beautiful and colourful!