Friday, May 7, 2010

Colorplay 3 - And Yet Another Round

I've added one more round with the Colorplay 3. As you can probably see, it really is playing with color and fabrics. I just grab a strip, try for it to be different than those on other sides of the block, try to keep a seam from hitting another and just lay it down and stitch it. Somehow I'm going to have to add some more strips - wider - to get my blocks squared up eventually so they will sew together in rows.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers! I was so truly blest to have the absolute best Mother in the whole world! She taught me so much and always cared, loved, encouraged, was interested in anything I did and thought it was fabulous! I owe so much of my love of sewing to her. Even though she did not care to sew, when I became interested at about age 12, she made sure I had the best sewing machine available and would buy whatever fabrics I wanted to further my love of sewing and creativity. Thank you, Mother!! I think of you every day and miss you tremendously!

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Nancy said...

Looking Good! Is that last border pieced? Can't wait to see it finished.