Saturday, February 13, 2010

We did get Snow!!

I still get excited about snow in the south! This was late yesterday afternoon after it had been falling a few hours. Isn't it beautiful!
This morning the snow is glistening on the pear tree in the front yard!
Wayne got out in the road for a picture of our house. I just usually take shots from the window or front porch.
And here is my Diagonal Madness quilt from the Kaffe Class in October. Well, I'm not quite finished. Still have 50+ nine patch blocks to put on the border but I worked two days this week just getting the rest of these patches all sewn together. It is easy sewing, but a lot of it.


Nancy said...

Love this quilt Judy. The snow looks beautiful at your house.

Exuberant Color said...

That quilt is gorgeous. It is one that is on my list to make.

Melody Johnson said...

O that snow!!! Your quilt is wonderful and I am way envious. Your house looks like a Christmas card. Just lovely.