Monday, October 19, 2009

Pieceful Hearts Quilt Show

Since I love bright colors, this quilt quickly grabbed my eyes as I walked into the show on Saturday in North Augusta, SC. And to think, I cut out the paper piecing for one of these years ago and it's still waiting to be made. Now I am definitely inspired by Rachael Thomas to make mine! Isn't it beautiful? She started with the Karen Stone pattern and then added more blocks, chose her own fabrics and Wow!!
This Lady Nolly won Best of Show by Margaret Hunt. She made this after Katrina hit the New Orleans area and it was in the Houston Show in a challenge! Very artistically done!

Nothing Up My Sleeve by Rachael Thomas also - judges choices. Rachael has a gift at making these miniature quilts heavily quilted and beaded.

Best Hand Quilting by Pat Wooke - you can't begin to see all the details in this photo, plus just perfect triangles in the triple feathered star! Beautiful, Pat.

This quilt of mine, Baby Bella, won Best Machine Quilting for the show. I began this tiny quilt - 23" x 23"- in a class with Linda McCuean earlier this year. It is gold silk with navy thread. Quite a challenge but worth the effort.

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