Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's A Challenge!

This little quilt is for the Pieceful Hearts Quilt Challenge being held in a couple of weeks. If you read Scraps and Threadtales, you might be familiar with it. You receive one vintage block and then I believe some blocks or other vintage pieces were swapped. Since I live out of town, I was mailed the block and some other extra pieces to use. I hand appliqued all the pieces down onto a vintage piece of fabric that came from my mother-in-law, which has the feel of feedsacks and definite fading, yet it seemed to be in yardage. So, except for the binding, a truly vintage piece. It is interesting when you find old blocks and pieces that did not make it into quilts. Often times you realize why. This dresden plate would not even come close to laying flat until I removed one of the spokes and then made a few more little 'tucks' to make it lie flat, but it worked. And now, who would ever know?

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