Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy Times

Wow, this past month has been quite full of events for us. Here is our son, Doug, as he is graduating with his Masters degree from UGA the first of August. And yes, with a 4.0. We are quite proud of him and his accomplishments. He has worked very hard the last couple of years but it paid off!
Here are Doug and Dora also. She's been a great support for him during this time at UGA!! And now, they have just moved to the DC area where he took a job with the Census Bureau as a cartographer......... and they are looking forward to their time up there.

Meanwhile, my mother had her third large stroke towards the last of August, so I have spent a lot of time at the hospital with her and now at a Center where she is receiving therapy. Thankfully, we are seeing progress every day, and that is a blessing. Also, thank you to everyone for your prayers and concern during this time. We so appreciate that.
She will turn 87 years young this Saturday. However, today, she is only 86. She never wanted to claim the next year until that day and her daughters and my daughter, all cling to that. We are not "going on 87", we are just "86", until the time!! So, Happy Birthday, Mother! She was my greatest encourager when I wanted to sew at age 12 and my parents bought me the top of the line sewing machine at age 14 and I've been stitching away ever since!
As you can see, I am showing two of my Lollypop Tree Blocks. I have a hard time sitting with idle fingers so I have been carrying my applique along with me and gotten a lot of stitching done. That is my therapy. Just a few stitches at a time and you'll be amazed how quickly hand applique comes together.

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