Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snow and Log Cabin Houses

Yes, we did have snow a week ago Sunday, but now it seems so far away. So much has happened in the last week and it was 80° here yesterday so it's hard to realize snow covered the ground the first few days of March. Above is our front yard.
This is our neighbor's house, as I did not venture out with the sidewalks covered and icy.
Here is my log cabin houses quilt - all finished and ready to hang. I did a pantograph, Feathered Frond, over the whole quilt in a variegated thread. See how much more exciting the quilt is just by adding those border squares! It really did make a difference! The quilt measures 36" wide by 45" long.....still pretty small.
Here are a couple of detail shots! All in all, I enjoyed the process of the quilt and wanted a challenge with the small strips and blocks but will wait a little while before I make another one with these tiny pieces.

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