Monday, March 30, 2009

More Lollypop Trees

Here are some more of my lollypop tree blocks. Above is Block 3. I don't think I would have ever thought of putting some of these fabrics together but it does help to see combinations that are pleasing to my eyes and make me realize that I could do it with a blank slate. In fact, Ille and I have chosen many on our own because the photos were not too clear to even see what was used or we did not have that fabric available to us.
This was our first block, Block 1, above. And, even though we have sorted through many fabrics together, we each bring our own touch to the finished blocks, since we live in different cities. We are working together yet independently.
This next block is Block 11 - one of two predominantly blue blocks.
And last to show for today, Block 13.
Now I must get back to my quilted tablecloth which is being made with the Turning Twenty Again pattern, only using nine blocks and a border. It is being made with Valori Wells floral fabrics that I purchased sometime ago. I think they have aged long enough in my closet that I can finally use them!! BG

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