Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still Working on the Log Cabin Houses

I have now gotten all of my log cabin houses completed and sewn together. I think I mentioned there is still a nice border to come but since borders are NOT my favorite thing to do, I wondered should I consider no borders? But, no, they really need something, so I cut my squares and begin working on them this afternoon. I can't wait to show the difference that the pieced borders will make. I still have about 20 more blocks to make so come back to visit in a few days and I'll have them ready for you to see!!
I think you almost have to squint to look at these houses and see the roofs correctly, otherwise they can look like large squares just sitting up there, but when you think of looking at them as "down the street", it makes more sense.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Log Cabin Houses

Log cabin is probably one of the most popular quilt patterns and many people's first quilt. I have made a few myself, but became interested once again when in January, our guild, The Cotton Boll Quilters, had Flavin Glover for our guest speaker. She is famous for her log cabin quilts and pieced borders. Now mind you, these are not just anybody's log cabin blocks.
I went to her website and she had this free pattern so I decided to try it.
It was a much larger project - in time - than I had imagined! First of all, these blocks finish at 4 1/2" so you can imagine the small strips that are cut - 1" strips. First I tried paper piecing some of them and that seemed so time consuming that I began piecing the blocks the traditional method, cutting each piece to size. All in all, it did not save any time but I think I prefer that method. It has been another lesson in precision piecing for me but so far so good. As you can see, I am not quite finished with the houses but just wanted to post a little progress.
And, to even add more to this, there is a very interesting pieced border when all the houses are complete.............hopefully more to come next week on the progress!