Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Final Product

As I shared a few days ago, I was creating a new quilt. It was for a special little great nephew to be born any day now. I did not want to spoil the surprise when they received it so I held off on my post. The pattern was from the Quilt Sampler magazine which featured a quilt from Intown Quilters - local in my area. I was only using the pattern, and was color coordinating it with the baby's room.
Here I have my fabrics that I pulled mostly from my stash, except the stripe on top and the contemporary sqaures on the bottom, plus one other cool circle fabric. I cut them up into lots of little pieces, beginning with a 10.5" square of each and then put them together to my liking.
Next I placed them on my design board in a pleasing manner as I went, which totally shifted by the time the final quilt was done.
And, here it is - totally finished with a soft multi-colored minkee backing!


kristi said...

It is such fun to see a project from the initial seed of inspiration, through to the final triumphant end. What a stunning quilt, so graphic and oh so "Judy". love to you.

Desperate 2 Scrap said...

Love the way you let us see your process....and the quilt is gorgeous, as well. Little Jax will love it...