Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pastel Baby Quilt

Here is a pastel baby quilt I made last week. The way it started out was I made two baby quilts last summer for gifts and as usual, bought a few extra fat quarters for more variety and ended up having several extra blocks. In fact, enough for another quilt. I just set them aside and last week decided to go ahead and put them together. The pattern is the Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson Designs. I just made it work with what I had, including the back of the quilt.

Here is a close-up view of the quilting - I just meandered over the blocks and did a rose border. Of course you know that you can always just click on a picture and get a really good close-up also.

And, here is the back - pieced from several other baby quilts that I have made. I was not going out and buying any more fabric.
A few years ago there was a book out by Country Threads called "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without! I've been trying to use that philosophy with using up my fabric stash this year. . .well, as much as possible! It is a fun challenge and makes you more creative and put fabrics together that you might not have thought of if you were not improvising.

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