Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hmm, how often do I blog?

Hmm, trying to decide how often I will blog . . . guess whenever I get more pics ready to upload and show! So, here are a few - some new, some not so new, but guess that doesn't really matter.

This may seem boring or a little strange, but it is the backing of the Chinese Coins quilt I showed the other day, all made from the bag of pink scraps. I only added one little strip from my stash - the rest came from our group of ladies in the guild all put together. Anyway, it was fun to just sew strips and come up with a delightful charity quilt.

Now this next quilt is the first one I finished with Bob, my longarm machine. It was also made from scraps, fabric samples I had ordered, which I believe were 3" squares. I just added some strips and borders and here we have another quick quilt. How easy is that?

This Kaleidoscope Shades quilt was made in the nineties from the pointillist fabrics which gradated in color from one selvage to the other and the colors were produced by tiny dots. I really enjoy shading fabrics so that is how this came about, just shading along, and each kalediscope has 8 different shades.

If you viewed Wayne's traveling quilt last week, you may recognize this. A photograph of Delicate Arch, Arches National Park Utah, is on his quilt and I took a photograph, blew it up to 11" x 13", and cut my pattern pieces from that. The fabrics are fused to my batting and then this is heavily thread painted. So, it's a tiny quilt.

This is a graduation quilt I quilted for a friend, Mary, whose son just graduated from college. It was so very graphic and straight lined so we decided circles would be a nice addition. What do you think? Love the colors she used!!

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