Sunday, July 19, 2015


 This quilt began as a Mystery Swap of blocks in the nineties with my quilt guild. We met mornings and evenings and since one group did not have many sign ups, I did a swap in both groups. So, I had double the amount of blocks to make, which meant I had enough for two quilts. The first quilt I made can be seen here - Teal We Meet Again!
The pattern was from Quilters Newsletter Magazine Issues #272 and #273, May and June 1995. As I looked at some of the fabrics used, including mine, I realize how much prettier our fabrics are today!
 The name of the quilt in the magazine was Cinderella, made from humble scraps, and finished at 76" x 100". There are some pretty stars formed, and fortunately, the blocks were already sewn when I received mine. They had just been aging in the closet.
 Anyone recognize some of these golden oldies? I think I had the border in 3 different colorways.
 I used a Feathered Heart pantograph since our group was Pieceful Hearts Quilt Guild. Several of the ladies who made some of these blocks have passed away now but I still have such fond memories our guild back then.
Here is a Jinny Beyer print for the back I used, think I had 2 yards. It was celebrating the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus discovering America. I still can hardly believe it was made in 1992. . . . .yes, it has been a while but still pretty! I pieced the back with lots of purples I had on hand.
 Here is more of the back.
I did another all machine binding, this time, stitching the binding to the front as you would normally do to hand stitch on the back. I was able to stitch in the ditch on the front and catch the binding on the back, just on the edge. I was very pleased with the turnout and the hours I saved not binding it by hand. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Under the Sea!

I have been working on another quilt this week with leftovers again. I usually have to add a few more fabrics to make it work out but that's the fun - seeing what I have that will work. Here is the original quilt. The pattern is in Happy Hour by Atkinson Designs.
 I retired this past week from long arm quilting for others after nine years, so I might have a little more time to work on my quilts - I feel as though I have mountains of fabric and lots of these little fun leftover quilts to make.
 Splash was the pantograph I used with a variegated thread . . .
and I already had a cool fish fabric that had been aging for years, waiting to be a nice back. Another all machine sewn binding - I'm liking these so much now!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I began playing with some leftover fabrics from a quilt I made in 2011, Easy Peasy. Here's what I came up with - such fun!!
 There were lots of 7.5" x 4" rectangles left from my previous cutting so I just kept making more that size, added some solid white and I had a quilt!
I used almost every single piece that was left with the back - less than a fat quarter of fabric was left for the scrap bin!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Black & White Quilts

I finished up the Black and White BOM for 2010 recently. Here is a picture of it on a bed.

 And a close up.
 This is another black and white quilt I made several years ago. I want to show how some of the black and whites have faded. 
 These were all quilt shop quality fabrics.
Most often I have had the quilt turned over so it would not get too much sun and the blinds closed as it is in a guest room but even so, a good bit of fading. I'll just say it gives it character!!
Here is another black and white quilt for a great nephew to be born very soon. When I asked for the colors and theme of the baby's room, I was told told black and white fabrics, tee pees, arrows and swiss crosses, so this is what I came up with. A little traditional in layout . . .
 This is a little closer up with the backing showing
and this is really close up. I used EQ7 to make my pattern and quilt layout. 
Happy Fourth of July!!