Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dear Jane Blocks and Camouflage Quilt

 I did manage to do a set in seam on this one! Maybe there is hope for my sewing skills - lol!
 Lots of appliqué to keep from piecing the curves.
 More applique . . .
and even more. Whoops, I see a tiny bit of red bleeding. May have to redo this block or at least try rinsing it again.
 This quilt was made for a special young man.
 I purchased the fabric on a Friday morning and made this quilt over the weekend.
 It was washed and to UPS by Monday afternoon.
 What a fun quilt to make and surprise a young man with some of his favorite interests on the quilt.
He was thrilled and I had the joy of making it for him! The pattern is Triple Treat Petite from Atkinson Designs book, Happy Hour. I resized the blocks to 12" for the size quilt I wanted to make. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dear Jane Again!

Here is one of the projects I've been working on recently - Dear Jane - 94 blocks complete!
 Most of these are from Row F. Sometimes it takes me about as long to figure out HOW I am going to sew these blocks as it does to actually do them.
 Now this one was simple!

 Did I mention that I really can't sew curves? Or set in seams? After 35 years??
 Pretty pitiful, isn't it. I am considering trying hand piecing again. I tried in the nineties and was unsuccessful, but I didn't do much hand appliqué then either. I use all different techniques because I really want them to look nice when I'm finished.
 I used the starch method on these tiny melons.
 I appliquéd the four red inset seams above because I can't sew set in seams well.
I appliquéd these little orange melons. This seems a little bright but I have some other oranges in the quilt so think it will blend well. My goal has been to make the quilt in colors/fabrics that Jane Stickle might have used originally before her quilt faded over the years, also personalizing it as I go. 
Happy Stitching and thanks for viewing my blog!