Monday, December 30, 2013

UFOs for 2014

I am such a list maker so it's only appropriate that I write my list of unfinished quilts that I would like to complete in 2014. They range from very current to 20 years ago and all in between. The most current is my 2013 Summer BOW wool appliqué which I've shown several times. This is my most recent block below.
The oldest project to finish was begun in the early to mid nineties and was a Baltimore Album by machine. I had gotten Elly Sienkiewicz's books and at that time was not too fond of hand appliqué so I decided to try it by machine. I love the blocks individually but they did not all blend so I eventually quit on the project. I'm still fond of them so maybe they are worth rescuing and making into a quilt, even if only a wallhanging. Here are a few pics:
 I used different techniques and threads. The green floral heart was done with a metallic thread and the peach and green was using rayon with a satin stitch. The gray fan was some beautiful hand-dyed fabric I had found with roses using a metallic thread and rayon.
 The orangey-red roses in the top right was a fabric by Elly and it was done with a matching thread blanket stitch.
Here is the heart to hand block using an invisible thread. Maybe I just need a nice 'theme' fabric to pull this off. I hope to figure it out soon.

And now, here is the actual list. Of course I already have some new projects in mind, too, but I'll be showing these in 2014 as I complete them!

  1. Words to Live By - BOW - 2013
  2. Baltimore by Machine
  3. Flower Pots
  4. Going in Circles
  5. Bible Quilt
Happy Quilting and Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Still Here and Quilting!

 I'm not sure what happened to me but I just didn't seem to want to blog for a while - but here are a couple of quilts I have done. When my husband was treated for prostate cancer this spring in Jacksonville, Florida, he was a patient at the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute. They had art classes for children and adults alike and I spoke to the art teacher about quilting. As it turned out, I met two other quilters that helped some patients and family members make quilt blocks. All this began just as I was leaving.
This is the second quilt that has been made and I was happy to be able to quilt it for them. Brenda from Tennessee put the blocks together and sent it to me for the quilting and binding.
A close-up and below showing the backing!
Many of the blocks were hand sewn and I trust the patients enjoyed learning a new craft/art and having some therapy with it.
This quilt is a Christmas gift and went together quite well. I really like the colors in it. I'm still sewing the binding on it.
Here is most of our small quilt group - all but Wonda who had an injury and could not make it. We went to a tea room for our Christmas luncheon. Very nice and I feel so blest to have these wonderful ladies as my friends!