Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wonky X's

 Another baby quilt finish! This began with a group of 30 10" squares (store made layer cake) and ended up pretty bright. I thought the batik border might calm it down but at least it gave it a softer edge.
Another pieced back with some of those pretty Kaffe spots in it that I had on hand. Still pulling from the stash!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More Projects Being Finished

It seems I am just on a mission to finish some things. I am enjoying the journey while I am doing it, since I get a feeling of accomplishment when this happens. Here are some recent quilt projects:
 This little quilt - 20" x 26" were leftover half-square triangles from my SBOW 2012. It was a struggle with all those tiny pieces for me but it did turn out quite lovely IMO.
 Now all that is left of those projects is the "Freebie" - below, that Lisa Bongean always does. 
The blocks finish at 4.5" or 5" so they are tiny but cute. A dozen of them to stitch sometime this winter maybe. It's called Favorite Things and has a special word with each block.
 And here is my latest Word block quilt, SBOW 2013, from Primitive Gatherings. I just finished the Hospitality block. It is SO nice to have them all bonded, in a container, ready to stitch! Worth the extra effort to get them all ready.
And my latest finish, Chinese Coins, begun from leftover fabrics from a guild challenge in 2009. I sewed all the extra pieces together in the 'mile a minute' fashion, no matter the size, I just sewed them together and squared up the blocks. All I had left was adding the sashing - why did I take so long?? This will probably be a charity quilt to brighten someone's life!
Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Charm Squares Completed!

 I took some charm packs, cut many more of my own charm squares - 5" - finally after 3 1/2 years - I put them together . . .
 and made a quilt! What a novel idea!
A little slow with the process but it is completed and a quilt I know I'll enjoy - just my colors. The backing which I found in my closet, is so totally different but I love it - like a two-sided quilt.