Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Comfort & Joy BOM 3

I am finally getting back to my BOM. This is my March block and don't tell me, it's already May. Where does the time go? Oh well, I am doing my applique by machine so that will make it go a little bit faster. Last night I had to press the background fabric, cut the border strips first and then cut each block. Might as well do it all at once, right? I identified each block with a little office dot because they are all different sizes. That will help me stay organized.
Now, I had already traced my patterns a few weeks ago onto Wonder Under so they were ready to be ironed to the back of my fabrics and now are ready to cut out, bond and sew. For the smaller pieces I use the solid piece of Wonder Under but for the larger pieces (the house), I used the 'window' method so they will not be too stiff. Just leave about half an inch of WO around the inside edges and it gives you something sturdy to sew on and keeps the fabrics from unraveling also. I'm still debating on the blanket stitch or the zigzag like I did the baby quilt recently. Hope to get it sewn today!

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Carolyn said...

Hey Judith,
I love your BOM. I did mine also,but glad you posted yours. I forgot to cut out the middle like you did. I'm slowly working on
April block. Boy it really has a lot of pieces. But I will cut out the middle this time.
Happy Quilting