Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Colorplay III

Here are some really cool hand-dyed leftover fabrics that I've been storing in a plastic shoebox for quite some years! I finally decided to get them out and play a while, sewing very improvisationally and planning as I go. So, here we begin with very odd-shaped four-patches that will be the center of my wonky log cabins, or courthouse steps.
Okay, here's one row of color sewn around the centers...........just letting the fabric strips dictate what size the blocks will be.
And now another round of color, all in shades of green. How did I choose green? I had more greens than any other color in my leftover hand-dyed fabrics!!
And then I spotted a really cool stripe in the shoebox. Not hand-dyed, but such vibrant colors that I felt it would be the perfect choice. I literally came within inches of having enough. In fact, I pieced some of the strips to make it work. I'm thinking the next color needs to be navy or dark to bring these brights together and give the eyes a place to land. This is fun! No points to match or preciseness needed. We'll add more and square up later!
And the name, Colorplay III, comes from the fact that there are two other similar quilts I made years ago, all inspired by Nancy Crow. I'll show them another day!


Nancy said...

Love what you are doing. It's about time you posted.

belinda said...

Hi Judith...I loved scrolling through your blog and seeing all the wonderful projects you have finished and the ones you are working on. I sooooo LOVE the Lollypop Trees. I have wanted to do this one sooo bad, but don't feel I am experienced enough on the needle turn applique yet...I am practicing.